A Coruña to Santander

We were up and out in plenty of time, so we stopped at a bar on the corner for breakfast. Another long day ahead we needed fueling up before we start.

Once inside the bus station the job of finding our bus began. It was not easy as several bus companies operate from here and we had to go from the stands back upstairs to check again which stand we wanted. As we look again at the TV screen we hear a shout from the other stairs. I am baffled for a moment and cannot understand what I see. At the top of the stairs are two people I know, but this is so far from probable, I just cannot work out who what or where they have come from.  They are Hubert and Paloma Bret, a French couple that we dance with in Buenos Aires. They sail along the Spanish coast in the summer and were here on their way back to their boat, and just like us they were looking for a bus.

You just could not make this stuff up. It was nice meeting them but we had a bus to catch. Back downstairs we still could not find our bus, but, in the end, a helpful driver put us in the right direction and we were  finally away.

There is not a lot I can say about a bus journey except that we flew over a few of those high ways, (notice what I did there?) but from the bus it was difficult to get any idea of the scale of these viaducts.

We arrived at an underground bus station many hours later and walked out into the Santander sunshine. The first job was to find the times of the ferries. You can actually see them from the bus station and this was part of the Camino route, so finding the office was simple enough.

“Next ferry is four days, or this one leaves in two hours” she said. So much for a day in Santander then. We had not stopped here when we were walking through as we thought we would get our chance at the end, but every so often life gets in the way. We had time for a quick coffee and a pastry across the road and an ice cream before we heard the hooter blowing, it was time to board.

There was beer on board though Fosters, then we could clean up in our cabin and just rest and enjoy the entertainment. Travelling on a bus and nibbling all day had left us with little appetite which was a shame as the evening meal looked good and a definite change from the Spanish. Still there was always breakfast to look forward to.


I seem to get new readers every day, so for those who are just joining me you can go back to the start of my journey here https://tangogales.wordpress.com/2016/07/31/the-journey-down-2/


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