Cee to A Coruña by bus

After our substantial breakfast we headed off to the post office to post some cards.  The bus did not leave until eleven so we had time to kill. All the shops are still closed, they are in no hurry to reopen after the holiday.

There is a café opposite the bus station though, but after the big breakfast I am not ready for the biscuits they gave us with the coffee. They were concealed in our bags, this is a long bus journey and the food will come in handy.

After walking for weeks, just sitting in a bus was a bit of a drag, but we kept ourselves busy spotting places we had been.  We stopped off at a bus station where the driver said he would stop for 45 minutes so we all got out. Comfort breaks and coffee. When we came out the bus was gone. I had a vague recollection of this happening last time, but it was still a worry.

Then, of course, every bus that came in, we all tried to board. It was just chaos. The bus, of course, arrived and we all boarded for another long trip. This time though there were no familiar sights to see just miles of open road and the occasional detour through a town somewhere to drop off or pick up passengers.

Eventually though we did arrive at A Coruña and we set off for the ticket office. Last time we arrived in Santander in the early hours with nowhere to stay and not even a bar to sit in. We would do it different this time, but first we had to navigate our way through the nightmare of siesta.

We got to the office just in time, the door was locked behind us and it got pretty hot in there with half a dozen anxious people all trying to get tickets to somewhere. We passed on the six o’clock bus and opted for the ten o’clock in the morning bus. Just hope we can find accommodation now.

As it happened we only had to turn into the next street and we found Hotel Palas. It was very old-fashioned with 1950s furnishings and carpets on every floor. It was clean though and more importantly they understood what a traveler wants. There was almost no closed in storage space, but hooks and flat surfaces where you could spread out and not run the risk of forgetting things.

We were told to leave the key as the reception is always manned, then we walked out to explore A Coruña. We wandered down to the sea, but all we found were docks. So we stopped for a drink and a rest then headed on. We found a massive shopping centre, but it was all but empty. Those shops that were occupied were closed for siesta.

Further along there were tents and stalls all set up for a sausage festival (I kid you not). Now it must be our lucky day, for today is the day of the festival. Thing is though nothing was open and there was a barrier around the entrance.

We found our way to the city walls and the defences, it was all very interesting for me. Viv however was more interested in the hotel below us. Two swimming pools numerous tennis courts and some very classy looking bars. Too rich for us I think.

We wandered into the old town and enjoyed all the antique buildings and narrow cobbled streets.

rimg0787 rimg0788 rimg0789

We decided it was time to head back and look for food. We had no map, every tourist information was closed and we were lost. Not at first, I was sure I knew the way back, but it quickly became apparent that we were walking in circles. We stopped at a bar and asked for the bus station, “es damaciado lejos” they said and told us to take a bus. Having just walked 1026 kilometers and as we had walked from the bus station, we told them it could not be too far. We followed their directions and again found we had done a circle.

Again I realized that there is no point asking a Spaniard for directions, so we looked for the sea and then backtracked. We found our way back and then went to where I had got food last time we were here. The standard had fallen and it seems they will be closing for good in a weeks time. Still we filled up with pasta and beer and it was not too expensive. Sad though to see another place closing.

Then back to a comfortable night with views of the bus station.

I seem to get new readers every day, so for those who are just joining me you can go back to the start of my journey here https://tangogales.wordpress.com/2016/07/31/the-journey-down-2/


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