Finisterre to Cee 19Kilometers

If you have your maps out you will know that it should be just under 12 k today. The extra 5k was not my fault, as you will see.

As alburgue go this one was very near the top. Only two others in our room last night and a really good breakfast. We sat talking to an Irish guy who spends most of his days since retirement walking in Spain. Funny, you expect all the Irish to be Catholics walking to save their eternal soul. Not this guy, never goes in churches and just walks for the pleasure of it.

We did not set off at a very early time as we expected to arrive early, after all today is only 11.9k. We walked along a known route through town and then on to the beach. It is a lovely walk and we soon arrived at a park area with benches and exercise machines. Half an hour out and already it was getting hot, so we stopped for some water. At this point Viv thought to check her bag, she had left her kindle behind in the alburgue.

After all the ear ache she had given me over the sleeping bag, then she lost her sponge bag and now this. Well I was not about to let her off lightly. We had to walk another half hour back then return here I was not happy. Back in Finisterre we still had problems finding the alburgue and that wasted more time. The Irish man was still sitting outside and surprised to see us back again. Viv’s kindle was under her pillow so we were off again.

The second time along the beach was not quite so enjoyable but when we passed our turn around point we were soon into Sardiñero. From here we started to meet pilgrims coming the other way again. We did not stop here though it is only a short hop (1.1K) to Estorde. A good place to stop and get some refreshment. The beaches and bays along here are unparalleled for their beauty.

rimg0753 rimg0754 rimg0755

We had some climbing to do then before we finally dropped down into Corcubion. The place was bouncing, there has been a medieval  event here and there are stalls and roundabouts by the dozen. We sat and took in the atmosphere and consumed some ice cream in the sun.

We were in Cee in less than 2k and I knew exactly where I was going. When we got to the hostal the guy behind the counter was on the phone. When he came off he told us that was the last room he had. We searched around the town and again there was nothing available. So we tried the three star Hotel Insua. It was more expensive, but had rooms. I bit the bullet and booked us in for two days.

I have to say it was worth the extra just for the breakfast. In saying that we could not have afforded these prices for seven weeks and now I needed the fuel less, but I enjoyed it just the same. Room 101 again, are they trying to tell us something?

We wandered around the town hoping to do some shopping, but could find nothing open. Then I found out that we are very poor pilgrims. Today was 23rd July, St James’s day. It was no wonder we could not get a room anywhere.

The hotel served pinchos with the beer so I was happy just sitting in the sun. Evening meal was another problem again. Of course half the places were closed but for those that were open the kitchen was not. We spent some time in Café Rodin, thinking about food.

After nine we finally returned to Mac Rober where we knew the food was good, but I am sure I remember they served all day before.

Closing down my GPS now we have covered 1026kilometers, it is time to start using an easier form of transport.

I seem to get new readers every day, so for those who are just joining me you can go back to the start of my journey here


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