Arzua to Pedrouzo 19.3 kilometers

We have a good breakfast, unusually here it is buffet style and we can really stoke up. After paying our bill we head off toward the square. The Camino actually goes behind the hotel, but we know this town well enough now and it is not as if we have not done it. We walked up and down this street often enough while exploring.

We turn down past the church and are soon into woodland. Here we encounter again the bins that mark our way on which are painted the words to Imagine. This time we get the pictures from the start as we realize now what is going on.


We are much better served with bars now and we stop frequently so although a short day we move slowly.

Next we stop at A Brea, the book just says “Three Bars” Last time we met the bikers from Somerset here but this time the bar was closed so we sat in a garden on the other side of the road. The bar was called Lino, don’t know why they had quarry tiles on the floor.

The underpass at Santa Irene is still the place to leave messages. It is re-painted each year so the poem to a dead wife, that so moved me is gone, but it is still covered with messages and contact details.

The route has now changed and goes directly through Pedrouzo. So we get to see many bars and alburgue we missed last time. It means though we have to turn right instead of left to get to O Muino. Viv again doubts my memory, but this time I am not going to be put off, this place is too good.

It has changed little, for 37e we get a small chalet. It may be compact but we have everything we need. There are washing facilities and a garden to hang it out and where you can lie in the sun. We have our own patio table and chairs so I order two beers and we sit in the sun. It is scorchio and we need the parasol. We are by the back entrance to the bar and the landlady comes out with a plate of bread cheese and meats to have with our beer.

Later we lay on the sun beds with an ice cream, followed by more beer. This is the life, just like being on holiday. There is an alburgue across the back somewhere and we can just about hear all the chaos that goes on there, much nicer here I think.

We do well for the evening meal as well; Galacios Spanish restaurant. Stuffed now back to get the washing in.


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