Ferreira to Melide 20.6 kilometers

It had been a tough few days and although my blisters were receding, we were feeling the strain. The next two stages were 33.8 and 39kilometers. Just too far. Soon we will be on familiar territory so I have split the stages, two days into three. A couple of easy days are on the cards.

The room here was wonderful, and we were treated to one of the best breakfasts so far, the day was off to a good start.

Almost in front of the house is the Roman bridge which we must cross. Actually we could have just walked around it, it was hardly the most significant of structures, but for the sake of completeness we crossed it. Then we walked up a narrow muddy lane until we came out by the alburgue. All the pilgrims were pouring out now, we would not have such a quiet day today.

That was Ferreira then, one house and an alburgue. We did well to get in. The Mexicans were meeting up, there was quite a crowd of them, we had the overspill in the house, it seems.

We stop in As Seixas for a coffee, we have learned never to pass an opportunity. It looks like others have the same idea, we started alone and soon the place is full of pilgrims. Soon we are walking again and now it is hot and barren.

After a few more ks the tall Mexican caught us up “You keep a good pace” He said. Maybe but when he passed we could not keep up with him. There is no substitute for long legs when you want speed. Looks like the other Mexicans could not keep up either.

There is more climbing, cresting hills just to see more windmills. A thousand years of history and culture and this is what we come to see. A short day and the sun is shining, so no point in complaining.


Melide is where we join the Camino Frances and before we are even in the town we notice it becomes much more busy. This is where we intend stopping for the night, so as soon as we can we stop for a beer. Thoroughly  refreshed we explore further and not much further we find a decent Pension, Bed and Breakfast. We settle in and soon are back out exploring.

Even though we are now on the Frances, I remember nothing of this place. We must have passed straight through early morning. Shame to miss it really, a pretty place with lots of shops bars and restaurants. Farmacia as well, so I get myself a knee support and some instant relief.

We have our lunch in a central tree lined park of sorts. There is little shade though and we are soon feeling the heat. Back at the pension two Irish girls are sitting enjoying a beer and the craic. They are there most of the afternoon and seem unconcerned as the time passes them by. I envy them their ability to relax, we always feel we must be doing something.

On the Irish theme, there’s one in every town. An Irish bar that is. So we called in, they had the ambiance, but the rest of it was as Irish as Katmandu. No Guinness, in fact no stout at all, and they served us two little fishes in garlic and oil to eat with our beer.

Our room had appeared perfect from the start and we were very happy with it, but (Why is there always a but?) when we returned the street outside was lined with loudspeakers and a group were tuning up. This being Spain they do not start until after ten and have no concept of too loud. Just to help with our sleep tonight they also had fireworks until the early hours. Sleep would not come easily tonight.


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