Pola de Siero to Oviedo 21.7kilometers

We get an early start again, woken by the sun streaming through the windows. At least with the place to ourselves we were not disturbed and can take our time packing up. We have to unlock the place to let ourselves out and leave the key in a box. We worry about leaving the place unlocked, but I guess, we are not the first and this must be a regular thing.

Nearly all roads today, although we have a minor path in the first few k. At 3k we reach El Berron, despite what the book says, there is nothing open here, so we carry on. After another 4.5k we come to Meres, nothing open here either.

After another 4k we come to a bar, not far from the next town, but we were taking no chances. Not the most salubrious of places but the bocadillos were good as was the coffee. After this we have to cross the road again. We leave the main road only to cross a medieval bridge and then get stuck at a level crossing. We stop at a Farmacia in the hope of getting some toothpaste. You would think that on the Camino you could get small sizes but it just does not happen. Unless you are prepared to Viv is not happy with me or the GPS and now feels we should have followed the road.

We ask some locals and they just want to direct us to the alburgue. Eventually we arrive at what looks like the old town, still no waymarks, so we ask a policeman. First year Spanish “sigo todo recto” he said, go straight on. First year Spanish I can easily cope with. Soon we were in front of the Cathedral. The whole place is swarming with tourists. Cameras silly hats tour guides and more Japanese than a karaoke festival. Already fed up by the lack of directions and after our normal solitude we were unable to cope, so we left the sights of Oviedo almost unvisited.

There are shells now on the road that we can follow and soon we see the next split. This time though we make a conscious decision to stay with the Primitivo and not to rejoin El Norte at Aviles. again though this was an almost disastrous choice.


We cross a busy intersection, the benches here allowed us somewhere to stop and eat a bit of fruit. Although we had not done a great distance, we were tired from all the indecision. On the other side of the road was a  Chinese bazar. I managed, with the help of the assistant to get a needle and thread. My trousers were getting embarrassing so I needed to do something.

We now had yellow arrows again so when we found a place called Hotel Fuente La Plata we were confident in our ability to take or leave it. How much, I asked 90euros the lady said. Too much said I and we walked out. Unknown to us there was nowhere else to stay for another 12k, this was where it was almost disastrous. No food, no washing, no showers and a very long day. Fortunately the patron, being a business man, would not let customers escape so easily. He ran after us 35euros he said with breakfast, well that will do me.

We showered up and I got to work with my needle and thread. Not being used to these things the thread was too thick and strong for my needle. I managed to sew one button on and the eye on the needle burst. No more sewing today then.

Again this place was not bursting with eating places but there was one across the road, with platos by the dozen. Oh the joys of a big burger washed down, of course, with San Miguel. We found a nice pasteleria and bought some sausage rolls and cheese rolls for the journey tomorrow.


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