Santillana del Mar to Comillas 23.5kilometers

We leave the medieval city behind, the beautiful church, the Fabulous Parador and most of all our lovely room, but move on we must. We past a campsite as well, these often offer chalets to pilgrims, but last night we had something better.

It was 3.5k before we got ant breakfast, where we met another couple of German girls. We were to bump into them a lot the couple of days. Then we were back in open country again. After a couple of false try’s we pass The Church of San Martin de Ciguenza. Three kilometers further on than we should have been. After another 3k we pass through Cobreces and stock up on some yogurt and fruit. Then we decide it is as good a spot as any and eat or stock pile rather than carry it.

We enjoy some fine sea views and a road that skirts the beach, but we pass on the pedalo rides.

More road work until we finally arrive at Comillas stupidly we did not follow the arrows here, preferring to go along the front. We expected to find ice cream and bars, but the front was divided into layers, too much exploring for foot weary pilgrims. We reached the end of the promenade and still nothing. We were approached by an English guy, who was also having trouble finding the centre. We could not help particularly as he was driving and constrained by one way roads. We asked a coach driver, who insisted on directing us to the alburgue. We followed his directions up a steep hill, in the hope it would lead nearer the centre. We passed right by the alburgue, now unable to ask directions because everyone wanted us to go to the alburgue. The centre was not much further and we had only done half a kilometer over the distance in the book.  So things were getting better.

Things were not better on the lodging front though, we trudged around unable to find anywhere. Then we were approached by a girl with a  menu. “We need to find a hostel first” I said and she directed us again up the hill. We found the hostel that was in our book, but we were totally unable to get any answer at the door. We managed to find another though, but it was more expensive and not the best. Breakfast was included though and we were now desperate.

Later we went back to the centre for some food. We sat outside and ordered menu. Service was slow, very slow. While we waited many more people arrived including the big guy and small girl who we thought eastern block. As we started to eat the football came on the TV and crowds of youths surrounded us. We were disturbed by their noise jostled by kids and generally felt ill at ease. Viv found some plastic in her rice, it was not a good meal.

We decided to go somewhere else for drinks and a bit of peace. I was plagued by blisters still and noticed some gel insoles in the farmacia.  They were 35euros. I thought it a bit of a rip off, but bought them anyway. We rounded the evening in Bar El Siglo, thoughts of Ice cream long gone. beer was the only thing that would make this place bearable.


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