Markina Xemien to Gernica 28.1kilometers

It was a wet start to a wet day and we followed a wet track beside a stream as we left Markina. We bumped into another Pilgrim here, John. A veteran walker I think he could have left us well behind but he joined us for the day.

Some sights today as well; In Iruzubieta we stopped for a coffee. Then soon after we were at Bolibar: famed for being the ancestral home of Simon Bolivar, although his family left there four generations before he was born.

We follow a medieval road for 1.4k a picturesque climb of grassy steps up to the inevitable cross at the top. There is an alburge here but it is only another 200 yards to the Monastery.

Next we arrived at the beautiful Monestrio De Zenarruza. We spent some time enjoying the tranquility of the cloisters and the general feel of the place. It was too soon to stop though, so we ploughed on. From here we follow rocky footpaths and some steep descents to Munitibar where we find another bar and another coffee.

The road and the rain carried on. We found shelter in what looked like an open sided longhouse. There were benches and a tap to refresh water supplies but no coffee or refreshments. There was another choice here, but we again followed the arrows as soon as the rain eased. I took my waterproof off  as well, I was just too wet inside it.

It was a long road now to Gernica another 14kbut we made good time entertained by Johns stories. We split at the entrance to the town, most pilgrims do not use pensions or hostels. A good walking day then and only 3k more than the guide book, it’s getting better.

We found a  good hostel and a launderette opposite. After we had washed up bodies and clothes it was time to see The Peace Museum. This is not the place for a history lesson, but it was where Hitler first tested out his blitzkrieg  in the Spanish civil war. and the place where you can see Picasso’s most famous painting.

Food is again a problem, we searched and searched it was just no good. One place had a notice board outside advertising Pizza “Hay Pizza?” I tried “No hay” was the reply. We found a bar with some tasty looking tapas and decided this was the only food we would get. So I set about inquiring what each item was “que es?” I asked pointing at a sandwich “sandwich” he, replied. No shit Sherlock, I could see two slices of bread I wanted to know what was between them.

Sandwich and beer it was then, hardly rocket fuel for walkers, but on the camino you get what you can when you can. At least we have clean clothes for tomorrow, luxury.




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