Deba to Markina Xemein 29.3kilometers

After passing over the wide bridge that marked the end of Deba, the days walking held little that was memorable. Again though the distance on my GPS was at odds with the guide book. Todays distance should have been 23kilometers, not the 29.3 we did.

We started with a good climb out of Deba through forest. We past a German couple we were unsure if one was a man or not, it turns out they were two women. They were making slow progress but we stopped at the alburgue at Ermita del Calario and they caught us up again.

We met another couple here as well, he a tall Belgian she was a shorter Korean. My assumption that they were a couple was way off as we saw her again later on her own. The guy with the long legs was long gone.

There was much forest and climbing on this stage and by the time we finally arrived in Markina Xemein we were ready to rest. Only one hostel in this town so we went into the bar and asked. “The hostel is closed for the summer” we were told. Bars closed for lunch, restaurants closed for supper, this was a whole new one, sometimes I just want to tear my hair out. How does anyone run a business here?

We were told that there was a bar offering rooms opposite the church. It took some finding especially as I did not quite understand “Pitis” bar. It all sounds so different with a Basque accent. We were taken to a building around the corner and up to the second floor, we were given was a room at the end and there were two shared bathrooms. No one else here yet so we got our showers in early.

While we waited for our room many people came in asking about the menu, so when we went back later the patron was disappointed that we were the only ones there. Two Spanish guys checked in and had the room opposite us. They had walked 46k today and were rehydrating on the San Miguel, but even they did not come back for a meal.


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