Hendaya to Irun 8.3kilometers

After a buffet breakfast, nothing hot mind. Although I did get yogurt and some fruit, we set off past the campsite again into what looked like a suburban landscape. It just went on, more and more houses, until we saw the railway. I knew that we must head to the right of the railway and eventually find a bridge over the river into Spain.

Even this did not go quite to plan. When we crossed the bridge we noticed that there was another to our right, just for pedestrians. The route we should have taken. Still after five days travelling and nearly seventy kilometers walking we were finally in Spain. Somehow we had managed to double the distance. From now on we should have waymarking and my guide-book, hope springs eternal, but we cannot possibly double every stage or we will never get home again.


We found a hostel down by the railway line. If we crossed the line it was only a block away from where there was a tango event tonight, so it was all good then.

In the centre of Irun we stopped for a beer. 2 euros each not so bad I suppose, but then when it came it was a 200ml bottle. Bloody swizz it wasn’t enough to wet my lips. So we went back to the hostel, the outlook was not so good, but at least they had a decent size caña. They were serving food as well, after a fashion. You can’t get a decent meal in Spain before nine at night, and if you want to set out before it gets too hot in the morning, that is too late to eat.

In the evening we showered and put on our best things, things we carried just for this occasion. There was supposed to be tango at a dance school here tonight. When we got to the dance school it was not open, it was not open an hour later either. Of all the trials we face the one that annoys me most is people who advertise events on the internet and then do not come through.

More beer and another early night then.



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