Bidart to Hendaya 40 kilometers

15 kilometers it said on the guide, maybe if you have a microlite. It was to be a long day.

We set off fairly early and decided to follow the GPS from the start. It had already decided that the coast was not the way to go and immediately sent us up into the mountains. On the guide the next place was Saint Jean de la Luz but the GPS had other ideas.

At least it sent us via a main road with a big junction. Here there was a truck stop and we could have some breakfast. Already though we were in trouble, we backtracked several times before we were confident that we were going the right way. Oh! the joy of fools.

We climbed through forest then open country eventually passing through a village and as it was now lunch time, we stopped to eat some of the food that we had with us. It was in one of those courts that they play Pilotta in but we had no shelter from the rain, which although light was still annoying.

We walked on eventually arriving at a junction with a main road. The GPS said go straight on, but there was no straight on. Decided in the end to go right. At least we found a bar so we had some refreshment and a rest before heading off again.

I re entered Hendaya as a destination and let the GPS find a new route. As I feared it sent us back the way we had come, but before we reached that junction it sent us off again to the left. We walked miles and after what seemed hours passed the place where we had had lunch.

Just after this though we headed in a slightly different direction. Maybe this was our error, but then maybe not. In time we passed the same road only further along. This time however there was a route straight across. It was through a park, but the route was there. Again we found a place to rest and finish off what food we had. Meanwhile we watched someone struggling with a caravan in the road to nowhere.  I thought about helping him, but Viv told me to mind my own business. Eventually he was free and off down the road.

We walked through the park and over another roman bridge and emerged the other side at another road. There going past was the caravan again. Maybe he was having the same trouble navigating that we were. We were off into the hills again and when we eventually emerged we saw a sign for Saint Jean de la Luz. we should have passed that yesterday at 20k.

So we decided to follow the coast. Then we got lost in an estate that curled around, it was just like a giant maze, only with big hills. Again we had no option but to backtrack. We followed the road and soon we were headed for the hills again. We did have a moment of lightness although the dogs in the farm were going mad and did emerge by the time I had jumped back over the fence.

RIMG0034 Deviation just about covers it.

When we emerged this time we were on the outskirts of Hendaya. Time for a beer, but the bar was shutting in ten minutes, quick beer then. It still seemed to take an age to get to any sort of town and what we found first was a holiday village. Fortunately they had a vacant chalet for us, with breakfast. If we wanted evening meal however, we needed to decide now, so we passed.

After showering and doing some washing we set out to find what was close by. We found a campsite, always good for food. Pizza, salad and of course, beer.

It should have been 34 kilometers to Irun. So far we had covered 60.8 and we were not there yet. We were close enough though that we could have a bit of a lie in tomorrow and take our time with breakfast. I was just hoping that the waymarking gets better in Spain.




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2 responses to “Bidart to Hendaya 40 kilometers

  1. tangobob

    Ah but she was French and in a Bikini. How could I resist.

  2. Bob,

    Well done on the rambling, your adventures are always riveting.
    In future, concentrate on the navigation and leave the dolly
    birds well alone or else Viv will have your guts for garters.

    All the best,

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