Nothing is ever easy

We have not left home and already we are having problems.

Well there we were bags packed tickets ready hotel booked and all ready to go. I was worried about the floods, but it never occurred to me that the French Railways would be on strike.

I checked, of course that all would be well. Then I was informed that my train would stop at Bordeaux. This means that I have spent the rest of today finding out if there is any other way to get to Bayonne.

We could, of course delay, but the tickets to London and Eurostar are already paid for, as is the hotel in Bayonne. We tried every way we could but there is nothing for it but to stay in Bordeaux. The cost of a hotel is nothing compared to the tickets so we stay the night.

At least the hotel in Bayonne has said we can come later.

So in the morning we set off knowing we can get as far as Bordeaux, but now have no accommodation and no forward plan. I speak no French, so we will probably starve and be unable to get transport.

If this was easy it would not be a pilgrimage, I suppose. If you hear no more then we are rotting somewhere in central France, otherwise next stop Bordeaux.


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One response to “Nothing is ever easy

  1. Irene

    Hi Rob and Viv, All the very best with your travels through France (what a pain about the rail strike). I do hope that the journey goes more smoothly than you are envisaging. We are in cowboy country at the moment but if I can be of any help with the language, just drop me an e-mail and I shall get back to you as soon as I can. All being well, by the time that you read this, you will be nearer to starting your coastal pilgrimage. As always, take care. Love, Irene. Xxx

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