Off we go again

When we started our last Camino, I was struck by the amount of people who were doing their second or third Camino. We even met one guy who was on his tenth. I admit to thinking why would anyone want to repeat the same walk.

As we reached the end we started to understand, and after getting home we started missing the comerardrie and the shear joy of doing nothing but putting one foot in front of the other.

So we have decided to repeat the experience. Not for us though blighthly treading the same ground. Last time  we did the Camino Frances, the one everyone knows and made famous by Martin Sheen in The Way. This time we intend to do the Northern Camino.

The Northern Camino follows the coast until it turns inland on The Camino Ingles at Sebrayo. Although we may take another route at this point. We Intend to start from Bayonne this time as well. This will save the final bus journey, and give us at least two days of walking in France.

So now we plan, buy the things we need, and hopefully get a little fitter.

The train tickets are bought, the rucksack is packed, then unpacked, packed again. What to take and what to leave, will I ever get the hang of the GPS. All the worries will fade once we start walking.





















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2 responses to “Off we go again

  1. tangobob

    Getting close now, we set off in the morning.

  2. Irene

    Hi Rob and Viv, Have a brilliant time on your Coastal Camino. I loved hearing about your last Camino and I am really looking forward to reading all about this one. Take care and most of all, enjoy yourselves. With Love, Irene. Xxx

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