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First of the last

As we enter our final week, it is with sadness that we go to Canning for our last time.  Again the dynamic has changed, I think it has a lot to do with the long termers going home now.

By seven Viv had enough and wanted to leave. Well the next tanda was Rodriguez so we did a last tanda together. Then somehow things changed, Jack from New Jersey arrived and danced with Viv. Then she had a whole string of dances. Mean while I still managed to find ladies with whom I had not yet danced. So we carried on until eight, still trying to elicit sympathy from the locals, telling them of the terrible cold at home.

At eight though we did have to go. We were meeting Mauricio at a bar further along Cabrera. Our plan was to be early, but we forget, Mauricio is not Argentine and he was already there.

We moved to a bigger table and waited for his friend. She is some sort of television executive, and it was hard for us to follow much of what they talked about, especially when they lapsed into Portuguese. Good company though and the Malbec helped. Viv though had a black beer, I don’t know what brew it was but it was disgusting. There was no hint of malt, I think it was full of pipe cleaner.

We all managed to eat something different, but I think all in all, I was not best impressed. I can’t see us coming back here.

I got confused when we came out; We had walked along Cabrera, and Mauricio had told us it was Cabrera and Salguero. I could not work out where Salguero was ( I normally use the traffic flow and it was all going the wrong way) Well it turned out it was on Medrano, so we were one block out.

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