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I have fallen behind somewhat, time is overtaking me.

Saturday at El Arranque was possibly our best milonga yet. We were there nearly four hours and I don’t think either of us missed more than one tanda. El Consegrados was closed so there were quite a few extra people there. We, of course, benefited from being the regulars, but there were many old friends there as well.

We stayed for the sorteo, and Viv won the champagne. They would not let us keep it  for next week though. It would have been nice to open it on our last El Arranque of this trip. Now we have it at home and not really sure what to do with it.

We had to stop off at El Opera for a beer on the way home just to unwind.  The finances are looking much better now so the high cost of beer here did not faze me.

Sunday we went for a walk around Parque Centenario. There is nothing we really need from the market, but I enjoy just looking at all the tat for sale and the high prices that they ask. I did stop off at the guitar man though and finally bought a tuner for my Buenos Aires guitar. Now it is tuned up it sounds a lot better.

Sunday night is Fulgor, numbers have not  picked up for  Semana Santa. We expected there to be many people who had the weekend off. We danced our socks off, even leaping about for the Tropical. Then about ten thirty people started disappearing. A few complained to Roberto that he had not done the sorteo yet . The first number out “Se fue” so he drew another 21, that’s Vivs again. So now she has a Huevo de Pascuas to go with the Champagne.

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