Road works ahead

I decided to try running again, anything to clear my chest. I could only manage a block at a time, but I think it helped. 20 blocks that’s 1000metres, that will do for starters.

Good start to the day, then we went to Coto for some more pillow cases. The place was all but empty this time in the morning, there was still a bloody queue though. Sorry but it makes my blood boil. Is it so hard to open another till and actually serve more customers?

Viv dragged me down to a plumbers merchant to look at taps. I know we need new ones but this did not look a good idea. In the end we went to Easy, and that was, well more easy. They had a wide range to look at and you just pick up the box of the ones you want. Looks a simple job to fit, watch this space.

Almost every pavement is dug up around here again. Edisur are putting more new cables in, Less power cuts? The city are also putting new drops at the corners, I realize people  in wheelchairs need to get around, but it might help them more if there were actually any pavements to travel along. Fair dos though the guy digging up our pavement was lifting the flags instead of smashing them to bits. Unlike the guy who dug it up a fortnight ago and then replaced them with brand new ones. You could make a fortune here just making flag stones.

We got a parcel today off Doreen, seems to be a lottery weather we receive them. Rumor has it that they will now deliver parcels. Could this be the first or is it a fluke?

Latest news, the guys digging up our pavement have set up a Parilla. You don’t get that at home. The smell of roasting beef drifts up to my apartment and I look down to see a group of workmen sitting around below my balcony enjoying a right royal feast.

Canning was a strange mix tonight. People were having trouble getting from the centre because of the Obama visit and of course there is a new mix of tourists. You never know how a night will pan, and tonight was not one of the best. Viv and I both struggled, we had enough after two and a half hours and went for a beer.

Met Frankie outside the building, just having a fag. I don’t know why he has to go outside, but I told him it will stunt his growth. Again I wonder how someone in a wheel chair manages in this city, but he is so cheerful, he always lifts me.



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