Ideal, parrilla, and stout

Mondays are now Confiteria Ideal days, and as usual it was near deserted. For some reason there were no women except in couples. There were free men though, so Viv was happy. If Viv is happy I get no ear ache so I am happy.

A few women arrived later and so did Graciela, so I got some dances. Actually we had a good time again, just shows you do not need big crowds to enjoy a milonga.

When we left we wandered across the road to Suipacha. We were looking for somewhere different to eat. As soon as we crossed the road we were accosted by someone who said that this was the best place  to  eat. He spoke perfect English and we had quite a chat. In hind sight it might have been better to stay. As we left a woman asked if there was a Carrefour near here, I remembered that there was one on Esmarelda and directed her there. Well Viv was impressed anyway.

We got all but dragged in every parrilla along Levalle but decided on one close to Esmarelda. $300 for parrilla and postre so we went for it. It was a bit disappointing to say the least, but at least we got the Quilmes Stout with it. We were well stuffed though so there was no need for more food or a visit to Ken for more ice cream.

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