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Casa Luna

It was a long and difficult debate; do we go down to Sullivan’s to watch England hammer France at the rugby, or do we attend El Arranque?

In the end the pure logistics and the fact that we missed last week swung the day. Apparently it was not that much of a pasting anyway, so perhaps we would not have had so much fun at their expense.

The numbers were down again, certainly the men. I struggled to reach all the women who now expect me to dance and keep Viv happy. I don’t want more women stopping me outside calling me a bad man. Sometimes I wonder why Viv wants to keep coming back, but then, I suppose, a new venue and she would have to start all over.

We have been invited to a party tonight at Casa Luna by Vicky Luna. It looks like there is good food and dancing afterwards.

It was a half nine start, and unusually for us we arrived at ten to ten. The 168 colectivo is becoming more and more erratic so we got there when we could. The house was already packed when we got there. Seems Rob (Vicky’s partner) wanted to surround himself with fellow countrymen, there were a lot of Dutch there.

We sat down to a buffet style meal, good stuff. Viv and I quite enjoyed the chicken, and the beef was good for me (A good vet could have got it back on its feet) just how I like it. I even went back for some of the salad.

Leroy (Retired Chicago fireman) had a list of lunfardo words he was not sure of, and another guy (From Uruguay) was doing his best to explain. He had a face like Kenneth Williams and was very animated. I never understood any of his explanations, but for entertainment it was priceless.

When all was cleared away we got down too the dancing. It was a small space, a bit like Casa Gresford, but without the stairs. There were a lot more there than we usually get but there were few collisions.

We left about one thirty, we do not have the stamina anymore for the Argentine late nights and this damned cold is still draining me. but we had a thoroughly great time, and made some new friends. Shame though that Rob still has not danced with Viv, he doesn’t know what he is missing.

We had two choices for the bus home, the 151 was a block further than the 168. We went for the 151, good choice. We were home in 35 minutes.


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