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Otra noche La Viruta

Philippe arrived this morning at nine thirty, I had to set an alarm in order not to miss him. Don’t do early in Buenos Aires.

Anyway he had come to help me pay my expensas. Sebastian would not accept them and I had got fed up of walking the ten blocks to the administrator, just to get no reply. The bank was open and there was no queue. Never believe you can beat the system, the machines were switched off until ten.

In the end it was not so difficult, but I could not have managed it without help. We paid a couple more bills in the pagofacil then retired for coffee in the flat.

Philippe wanted some fruit so we showed him our new favorite fruit shop. Then left him to do some shopping of our own.

On Bulnes opposite Plaza Almagro we passed a feria Americano and outside  was a valet, not the machine made rubbish you usually see, but a nicely made wooden thing. We negotiated a price and said we would be back.

We had found a good dietetica on Mario Bravo y Juan Peron so we went there to stock up on oats and things. Then it was back to pick up the valet. It was a bit  grubby but soon cleaned up like a good un. It is now covered in clothes.

In the local supermarket they already think we are locos extranjeros, but today we re-enforced it further. Doing my shopping with a valet on my head.

Nuevo Chique was quiet today, but the dancing was good. I got in trouble again for not  dancing with a certain lady. I do my best to dance every tanda with a different woman, but, you know, sometimes it’s hard being a man in the milonga.

Off to La Viruta tonight to see Otras Aires. There is the usual chaos as we enter and Miguel is standing there so I try to take his picture “Bob ?” he asks, I was absolutely gobsmacked. Then someone took our picture together with Viv. Where else in the world can you get this close to international super stars? and who else but an Argentine would remember your name?

Otras Aires

We did not do a lot of dancing, we had already done our share earlier and the floorcraft is poor. Still we had some fun and loved the set from Otras Aires. No new album tonight unusually. Still you can’t complain for a fiver each.









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