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Viv scares me to death.

Viv has a way of scaring the hell out of me, this time takes the biscuit.

She will often get up during the night because she cannot sleep, and then sometimes sleep on the sofa. She also regularly has nightmares, so it is not unusual to hear her moaning or even

I first heard what I thought was a crash, then a lot of moaning. I ignored it at first, thinking she would wake up or just turn over. It did not stop and I got worried.

The light was on and I could still hear moans. There was no sign of her on the sofa, the noise was coming from the kitchen. What I saw was like a scene from CSI, Viv was lying on the floor and there was a pool of blood. It looked pretty serious to me.

She said she had collapsed and hit her chin on the way down. When I cleaned her up she had a cut on her chin about half an inch long. I just could not believe how much blood there was from such a small wound.

She was convinced that it was the result of drinking too much, but I am not so sure. Firstly we were not in the least drunk last night and she was quite lucid afterwards. Her mother suffered from low blood pressure and would often faint. I don’t suppose alcohol helps but I don’t believe it was the primary cause. Must send her to the docs when we get home.

Salon Canning again today, fortunately Vivs chin did not blacken up, although it did weep a little.

There were fewer people here again tonight and at times it was difficult to get dances. Still we did ok, but we had, had enough before eight an left for a coffee before dinner.


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