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Jolly time at Philippe’s

More posting today, I swear that Viv is keeping Coreo Argentino in business on her own. A pity then that they cannot deliver our mail, hey ho.

A few more odds and sods then we were off to Nuevo Chique. Funny how you have a good day followed by a bad one. I had so many missed cabeceos and few missed tandas. Viv was having a bad time as well. We intended staying later today but it was just not happening so we went off for a coffee.

We came out for our colectivo and non were running, not past here anyway, so we walked over to the Gormont. Seems that there was some sort of demonstration going on and the road was closed off here as well. At times like these it helps to know your way around. The Callao subte was only eight blocks away now. Down below and the demonstration was continuing on the platform. As I feared, they have no political patience here and were screaming for Macri to go and Christina to return. The trouble is everyone was now using the subte and it was packed, but we squeezed on and got back safely.

As we turned down Salguero two 151’s passed us, both empty. I had no idea of the route they would have taken, but then looking at the passenger numbers, not many did.

Off to Philippe’s tonight for dinner, so we stopped at the new helederia on Guardia. The frontage is wide open but the counter is like a bank. Solid plate glass with speakers to talk to the customers.

At Philippe’s we could get no answer, it was not as if we were early. Soon though we saw Luba and Philippe walking up the road. “He’s not here” I shouted to Luba. Philippe had put  on a good spread and we managed to polish off the two bottles of Stout, made an impression on the red wine and I am not sure about the white. Meanwhile Luba drank only  water as she was driving.  So we left in quite a jolly mood, good job it is only four blocks away. 550 metres according to Google.

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