Suarez, too much cake

Another Monday has come around and Viv sets off to the Coreo to post another letter. After she had gone I remembered the electric bill (Double last month $60, may have to sell my body).

So when she returned I went out to the pagofacil. On the way back I found a kiosco that I have never seen before just up Salguero. I popped in to charge my phone “What part of Brazil are you from?” she asked. This is getting monotonous, must be the hair cut, perhaps they gave me a Brazilian. Anyway when I told her where I was from she spoke perfect English and we had a nice chat.

Mondays are becoming a problem, so we decided to put hope above experience and try Confiteria Ideal. Ideal is the place all the tourists want to go, they go there because of the tango dancing, but today it was all but empty. They have ripped everyone off for so long that the dancers have deserted, with no dancers there is nothing for the tourists and they cannot even pay for a decent DJ. That said the guy who is there seems to have improved some what and we had some half decent tandas.

With almost no one in there those who wished to dance would dance with us, so I think we had three or four different dances, apart from dancing with each other. Graciela was there and I had a couple of dances with her, plus a couple of Italians.

Actually we quite enjoyed it in the end. One of the waiters was funny, he danced with an Italian and sat there singing along to the music.

Ideal is rumored to have been sold and is due to close its doors by the end of the month. Rumors are rife so I never claim to know anything until it has happened, but we will have to watch Hoy milonga to be sure it is actually open next week.

We were ready to leave and Viv got a dance with someone she had never managed to dance with before, so I just changed my shoes. Then a great milonga came on and Viv said “Dance with Graciela if you want” Not realizing I had changed my shoes. Well me dancing in my loafers kept a few people amused.

We set off for a coffee just to finish. Corrientes is like a building site here now, so we turned off down Esmarelda. We ended up in Suarez bar. Well we remembered all the cake the ladies ate here last year, so I had to try some. The piece I had was huge, I had to wrap the remains in a napkin for later.

All the parillas up Lavalle got me thinking, maybe next week we should stop off here for food now I am no longer on the verge of bankruptcy. Tonight though we have Vivs lentejas to eat.

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