One of those days

Well it started well enough, despite having a miserable cold. We found the umbrella shop on Columbres and Independencia. The guy was very helpful and spoke good English and Viv managed to get a very nice umbrella. We wandered down Boedo and stopped for some lunch.

We did not have much, just some media lunas for Viv and I had a couple of empanadas. The bill came and it was only $90. We have paid more than that for just coffee.

Then we walked around to the office of our administrator. We told her we were coming and she had confirmed, Two o’clock we said. We arrived at a quarter past and got no answer. Philippe called wanting help with his fan, I said we were busy and would be an hour (Optimistic? absolutely)

At half two we had waited long enough and set off for Retiro. We had a letter to pick up and $50 to pay. It took us a while to find the Coreo and we asked the guard outside “Straight through and to the left” he said.

We walked in and were surprised how few people there were. We took a number, then everyone started on us seems we had arrived at the front of the queue. The room behind was full, there must have been two hundred people there. That was not the end, the queue was two deep out of the door and down a long corridor out of the building and round the corner. No letter is worth waiting three or four hours. We left.

By the time I arrived at Philippes the light was already failing. I managed to get the fan up and the controller on the wall, but when I switched it on the breaker blew. A quick inspection in the dark revealed nothing, time to give up on today, I think. Blow my nose and have a beer.

Back to Imaginario for our evening meal.  Hamburgasa for me and two bottles of stout, ah! the drink of the gods.

Lets hope for a better day tomorrow.

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