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United Nations of Tango

Ever feel like just banging your head against a wall? Last night when I passed a kiosco I asked if they had adheviso, “No entiendo” She said, well today I went to the chino for some provisions and there on the wall was tubes of contact adhesive. So I took it to the till “como se dice es?” I asked “Poxi ran” she replied. I eventually got her to say “Adhesivo”  Good job I didn’t ask her about the bananas “I would be going in all the shops asking for Fyffes.

Viv wanted some things we could only get from Coto. I knew how this would end but we went anyway. How it can take ten minutes to serve each customer when every item is scanned is beyond me. So we queued for half an hour, then went back to our local Chino to buy the coffee which is $2 cheaper. I know it is only 10p but why pay 10p more and carry it six blocks up the road.

Funny old game this milonga malarkey. Somehow most of the regulars were not at Nuevo Chique, yet we had one of our best nights yet.

Viv barely missed a tanda and I managed to dance with the entire United Nations. With the help of Austria we have a plan for world peace and every one knowing your name. Germany and France are now our allies in tango while Chile and Columbia have invited me to join Mercosur.

Then it all went wrong, Viv found the clothes vendor outside and blew away a weeks money. The guy selling the entrance tickets spoke perfect English and as I waited while the clothes were tried on I told him “never get married”. He thought that was just British humor.

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