Back in love with Canning

They say you have to live for twenty years in a Welsh village before they speak to you. I never found that in Gwynfryn, but it is a bit like that here in Buenos Aires. Yes the women will talk when we dance and we have a lot of nodding acquaintances, but there are people on the side line who stay very aloof. Just recently though I have been getting through. I am not sure what made the difference, maybe just because we have been here so long. Twelve years we have been coming now and have probably been here a total of eighteen months ir more.

So the aloof couples are now saying hello, and we have even been introduced to some of the old stalwarts. I don’t know what they think of us, there is a culture here of networking, but we tend to stay to one side. Maybe it is us who are aloof. Still it is nice to feel accepted at last.

I got my cambio for my dollars today, so we are solvent at last. Still no chance of going mad yet.

We fell out of love with Salon Canning a few years back. I don’t know what it was, we just went off it. Now though it has become our place to go on a Wednesday. The waiter knows us and we get our drinks pronto and more importantly Viv gets plenty of dances.

There was a point where I was struggling, it is hard to see right across the room and the women near me had all danced with me or were up. Still Viv was up so I was happy. I danced with a young Brazilian and halfway around the floor I caught my foot on the dodgy parquet and lifted off the sole. It is still there but I decided not to do any milonga until it is repaired.

After a while I decided to go walkabout, this is when you find who is really short sighted and who just does not want to dance with you. Well now, at least I know. I danced again with Brenda who is in the diagonal opposite corner, then with a very thin lady who I have not danced with before. As I was leaving the floor I met a lady who had just come in and we agreed to dance. Unfortunately Viv had decided it was time to go. She changed her shoes and went over to speak to some old friends from Fulgor. The waiter came over and did a double take, her table was empty and she had not paid. It was funny to see him panicking, but there was nothing I could do until I sat down again.

A good night and we are both knackered, tomorrow I try and get my shoes fixed.

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