I woke to Viv crashing about, she had lost her watch, how she managed this in such a small place is a mystery. Watch this space.

It never ceases to amaze me here; they have closed off Guardia Vieja to do some job at Medrano end. The reason it surprises me is that it is Early on a Sunday morning. Normally they wait for the rush hour.

Our daughter has been in touch, she tried to ring us, as it is Mothers Day. We have only just lost the phone and have not told anyone yet. The Joys of living in Argentina.

In the days that have passed since my computer died I have been doing a bit of balcony Gardening. You have no idea how hard it is when the only place to step is the bag of compost you have just bought. However we set out today to get some more and finish the re potting.

The place up Corrientes is closed Sundays (Yeh garden centre closed Sunday) so I could not get any gravel. We stopped at the place on Figuera and could not decide whether we needed two small bags of compost or a big one. In the end we came back with two small ones. Just as well as I only used one of them.


Its looking very green now ready for the leaves to fall.

After some lunch we took a walk down to Gardel, then we thought we would go into the Abasto and have a frozen Yogurt. Just our luck, the frozen yogurt place is now selling chock ices, so we headed out into the sunshine again.

Down in Gardel we found a seat outside a rather empty looking café. “Dos Chop?” I asked. Seems he wanted to sell us Heineken, so we managed to get a litre of Quilmes stout instead.

The guy would not leave us alone though. He kept coming back to refill our glasses and asking us if we wanted more beer. We just wanted to relax in the sun, no wonder the place was empty. He also kept trying to talk English, and just served to confuse us. When I paid he had the nerve to ask if we wanted our change. I left a tip, as I felt obliged but I thought he was just a bit too up front.

Vivs watch turned up just before we set off for Club Fulgor. It was with all the cables and adaptors in the desk. She had put the kindle adapter back apparently and her watch with it.

They are still doing daft things with the tandas in Fulgor. I got Norma up when Fresedo was playing, but the next tracks were all Biagi. I like Biagi but it nearly killed Norma, I think she had to go out for another cigarette afterwards.

We did not win the sorteo again either, so I had to buy another beer. Still in UK terms it is still a cheap night.



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