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Day of the Dead, I mean Bed

Not just because we went to Imaginario last night and drank too much. Although we did and did not wake until Philippe called at eleven.

Philippe wanted to borrow my drill and he got us up and we drank coffee for a while. When I looked out of the window there was a car parked opposite with a bed tied to the roof. While I debated the wisdom of leaving it there another passed  under the window also with a bed tied to the roof. Then a guy walked passed carrying another bed, he was too busy on his phone to pay attention and the young girl with him almost got run over. It seems nothing is more important than the mobile phone here, not even young lives.

There is another bed dumped over the road and beds seem to be travelling up and down all day. Wasn’t it on a Saturday that Jesus said “Pick up thy bed and walk” they’ve taken that one to heart here.

Some trips out today, one to the vidreria on Gascon. I wanted to put a shelf in my desk and Viv suggested glass. Well this guy is always so helpful and never tries to rip off the extranjero. Cost me $110, not bad £5.50, with polished edges. Good job done.

Had some food shopping to do as well, so it was off to the Almacen. Everyone’s a comic, I asked for a half kilo of picada and, but before I had finished he said “Bife de chorizo” know your customers, that’s the way. The other customers were amused when I said “Si”

Back to El Arranque again today. Last week we had to walk because the subte was down, no such problems today. We did not stay too long though, all the usual men were missing and Viv did not get many dances.

So it is back for that bife de chorizo and some more quilmes stout.

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