Strange Friday

Hopefully I am now back on line, so rather than just go from here I thought that last Friday would be a good place to start.

I got an email from a cruise ship. A first for me, Saga Pearl 2, apparently Pat and Alec from the Thursday tea dance were going to be here.  I was struggling to try and get my computer repaired so the timing was not great, but I managed to put things off and we arranged to meet outside a Hotel on Florida.

Then my next problem; not computer and no address, but for once the phone came up trumps. With so little time we could not exactly show them all the sights, so we took them to Galeria Pacifica for a coffee. They seemed impressed with the neo  classical ceiling painting.

The rain was not helping but for a short while it eased and we took them around San Martine and showed them the oldest tree. Then the English tower and how it faces the Malvinas memorial. The memorial was closed off for repairs, but it could still be seen.

Soon it was time for them to be off. Cruise ships have a somewhat short attention span and they were due to sail at five.

France were due to play Wales at Rugby today, so we headed off to Sullivan’s bar in Palermo for some beer and sport.

We sat there with our beer and nuts and waited. Philippe messaged me and I told him where we were. By the time the match started, there were two Welsh supporters (Viv and I) and about eight French supporters. At least Philippe was sitting with us.

Wales had scored two penalties and France had missed one, then Viv went to the toilet. Then France scored. Good job Viv did not drink too much, we would have lost.

The French supporters were gracious and we got out alive. Philippe was not happy about what they charged him for the beer though, neither was I.

Instead of eating there we went back to Imaginario, cost us less for a meal than a couple of beers in Sullivan’s. What can you say? Good cheap food but no televised sport.



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