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Fire down below

We got the closing bill from Telefonica, so no time like the present. It had rained heavily all night, but somehow it had not washed all the dog dirt from the pavements. There are now two things to watch for as I walk, the dog dirt as always, but now the loose flags. Step on them and they will send a jet of dirty water up your leg.
I got to the pagofacil, “no servicio” so it was over to the Coreo again. The bill was $82.30 so I struggled to get 30 centivos. The girl said “Tienes dos pesos” I shrugged and emptied my monedas on the counter. There was about $1.90 there she scooped it up and gave me $2 change of my $100. They have a cavalier attitude to “the right money” here. When Viv worked in the Post Office they would stay for hours if they were a penny out
We have often thought about visiting Villa Crespo when everywhere was open. So today being our day off that is what we did. I was ahead of budget today and not expecting to spend much, but things never go to plan.
We stopped for coffee at a place we often pass. No media lunas but Viv had a cookie and I had a brownie. They were delicious and the presentation was superb, could only mean one thing. Yes it was expensive. We also bought some face towels for when we are too hot in the milongas. Then there was the usual list of things Viv wanted. Then meat for tonight.
We stopped off at a shoe shop on Corrientes as well. Just as well we did not have the cards with us or we really would have been down.
The budget soon got hammered again. Still we found some shoes for Viv that we will have to go back for and bought some Rhodesia bars to eat on the balcony.
We sat on the balcony reading and enjoying our bars when I heard a commotion behind me. By the time I had turned around the car was no longer ablaze but the police were there with fire extinguishers and they were throwing water on the bonnet to cool it down. You would think that now all would be calm, but then another police car arrived and then the bomberos. The road was closed and they set to ripping the insulation from under the car’s hood.
I went out later for some beer to drink with our befe de chorizo and the guy was still standing there looking forlornly at his car.
It is cooler now so the balcony looks nice for a bit of evening befe and beer.


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