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Making progress

It has taken some time, but the lady in the dietetica finally realized that you cannot get a kilo of oats in a small bag. Every time I have to tell her “necesitas una bolsa mas grande” this time she got one first time. Well we are making progress.

Back to Nuevo Chique again as it is Thursday. It seemed quiet when we arrived, that did not last though. Before long you could hardly move on the dance floor. Some of the men we had spoken to outside on Tuesday were now asking Viv to dance, more progress.

Because she was getting more dances we stopped later, so yet more progress. But all good things must come to an end and we went off for coffee again. We were not happy with what we got on Tuesday so we tried somewhere else. The place was all but deserted, but we got coffee, some agua con gas and two media lunas each for $66, sounds like a bargain to me.

We were lucky with the colectivo as well, we waited only minutes before a 151 arrived. Its progress up Rivadavia was painfully slow though and we wanted to get some veg before the shop closed. Still with Half an hour to go we turned into Salguero, then the road was closed. Police motorcycles were blocking it off completely. Another diversion down to Mario Bravo, before we could skirt around Plaza Almagro along Sarmiento and get back on course.

We had plenty of time in the end, but It is funny how when you are short of time everything goes wrong. I am sure Viv could have worked some magic without the mixed veg, but it was good to have them.

Another day finished with food on the balcony. Not in peace though there was a lot of shouting going on, and Sebastian was out on, but it was underneath us so we could not see.

Just another noisy end to the day then.


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