You just can’t figure it

Another day when we get up late and do , well, nothing. Just when I had decided to go out and get my hair cut, Viv decided to want her breakfast. Maybe the haircut can wait, not sure if I can stand the sun on my head anyway.

Some excitement in our going out preparations today; The shower gel that I had got for Viv turned out to be body lotion. I know I should have read the label better but she wanted Nivea and it had a picture of a shower on it. How was I to know that Bajo La Ducha did not mean under the shower, but after shower? I don’t know about linguist, you need to be a mind reader.

Still we had Canning to look forward to. It started out quite bad, Viv was getting no dances and I thought that we would be off for an early night. As time went on though unusually she started getting more dances. You just can’t figure it, normally when the place is almost empty she does best, now it was full to bursting and she was getting every tanda.

It went so well that we stayed on an extra hour. Funny how it goes, you think you are in for a bad night and it just picks up, other times it goes the other way. I never went to speak to Mario tonight, I get fed up of his sales pitch. Anyway it was too crowded down there.

As it is later our usual stop on the way home was now closed. We found another place though with decent coffee. They make it with hot milk in Buenos Aires so that it is really hot, but here I think they heated the cup up as well. Nearly took the roof off my mouth. They had nice facturas though, pastries to you. One had a big blob of custard in the middle. That will keep us going until our meal on the balcony is ready.

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