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Ivory tower

It’s a strange life. We were up early today and as we peer from our balcony we can see all the people heading off to work, school etc. I wonder where they are all going and what their days will hold. We are in a sort of ivory tower here, the world flows by and does not touch us.

More shopping again later and more letter posting. At home we take the car and do a big shop once a week. Here that cannot work, but we are rewarded with constant fresh food.

Nuevo Chique again today. The numbers seem down at first, but pick up until there is barely room to dance. The slightly odd attendance means that many of Vivs favourite partners are missing and I struggle to keep her there. I dance more tandas with her than usual. I am OK with that but I am not sure she is.

Even our coffee stop did not meet expectations. There are hundreds of places to choose maybe will choose another on Thursday.

Evening meal on the balcony again, Viv’s magic plus Quilmes Crystal a litre for just over a pound, you can’t beat  it.


We are back on our ivory tower again, watching the world go by. Some drunks are struggling across the street. Three colectivos are trying to get through the lights and someone has their television on and the windows open. Just another night in Almagro.

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