And I thought it was just me

Viv sent me out shopping again. I quite enjoy my trips to the almacen now, except for the constant queueing.

Anyway I took a ticket for the fiambre (cheese and cooked meats) Then went over to the carneceria. The butcher is always quicker for some reason. I got myself some picada and then queued again at the fiambre. Where-upon  I was drawn into conversation. It went something like this: “What number are they calling” “nineteen” said I “I cannot understand them their diction is so poor” “It is always the same for me, as I am a foreigner” “They do not open their mouths, both my parents were Spanish, I learned to speak properly” She said. And so It went on, and all this time I thought that it was just me, seems you can have lived all your life here and still not understand what they say.  Perhaps I should just give up, but at least I need not feel so bad about it now.

We set off for Plaza Bohemia, this time being careful to check first on Hoy Milonga. We got to the bus stop early as Viv wanted to get some things from the shop by the stop. As is the way here it was shut. We know that there is a colectivo at four but we did not know what time the earlier one was. We waited until quarter to, but this would still bring us there almost before it was open. We dawdled as it was hot and as we were early. However despite our earlier check, the place was closed “No hay Luz”. There was a crowd over the road and I got in conversation with one guy who remembered us at El Arranque on a Monday. The lady who takes the money was also there, nobody held any hope of it opening.

We decided to risk Confiteria Ideal again. By the time we were getting close we were too hot, too tired and just a bit pissed. So we said “Sod it” and went for a coffee instead.  Monday is rapidly becoming one of those days, think we will try Obelisco next week.

Home it is then, early meal, bottle of beer and maybe some Ice cream afterwards. Ah! sitting outside Ken with an ice cream, luxury.



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