Valentine Shine

I woke feeling terrible. This is the third time I have had this feeling and the worst. I am putting it down to the heat and have decided I must take more care. After all I am not getting any younger.

We normally go a wandering on Sunday mornings, but today I decided it was best to stay in the air conditioned cool.

Its Valentines day, so my gift is to polish all the furniture for Viv. It is hard to believe how much polish it takes, the wood just soaks it up. In twelve months it is amazing how dry the wood has become. I polished her red shoes again too. The tango and the hard floors really take it out of them. I work on them for hours, but they have me beat. Tango shoes are, I’m afraid, a disposable item. I can make them last, but not much longer.

Sunday is Fulgor but no beer for me tonight, I don’t think my stomach could handle it.

When we arrived they all had silly hats and wigs on. “Carnival” they said. Marian had a long curly wig with lighter highlights, it really suited her. Bob had a stick on moustache and Elsa a bright ginger wig. It was a shame I did not have a camera with me.

There was a Canadian couple there, who we met last year. They don’t seem to dance a lot but they enjoy the lunacy here. We were talking and they asked about the merengue, I said that they call it Tropical here, and just then, as if by magic, it started.

The lady on the door (with the big sponge hat) got up with the Canadian girl, she seemed to love the tropical.

They introduced a new tanda here tonight. Well new to us anyway “Romantico” just a smooch. Well we had to join in, I shouted over to the Canadians “Come on it’s Valentines day”

A good way to end the evening.

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