Cheese Slices

We went to the almacen for some jamon crudo. It is as near to bacon as we can get and Viv uses it to flavour the lentejas and pastas. They slice it so thin you can all but see through it. I thought while we were there I could get some more cheese. We had plenty of time before our number came up and in the end I decided to try some of their Cheddar, see if it anything like ours.

200 grams I asked for, that should be enough. She spent a long time, I thought just cutting a slab of cheese, but, hey this is Argentina. You never actually see what you have bought until you go to the till to pay. Behold she had stuck the cheese on the bacon slicer had what I got was cheese slices.

Off to El Arranque again today as it’s Saturday. I don’t think it was as hot as yesterday bur everyone was suffering. The humidity was so high nobody could lose their heat. Even the floor was sweating.  The floor being such hard work did nothing to help the feeling of intense heat and before long I was lathered in sweat. Frequent trips to the toilets to soak myself and loosening my shirt helped, but I soon looked a mess. I was sweating so much that my hands looked like I had lain in a bath for two hours. We stuck it out until seven though. We said goodbye to Maria, who is off back to Sweden, she left me a present of another book. This time a Spanish Thesaurus.

We had decided to eat out tonight instead of last night. Where to go? There is a La American on Callao, so pizza and beer it is then. Then another early night I guess.




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