Can’t keep us in, we’re British

Did I mention that Friday is our day off?

Viv wanted to go to the end of the H line again and do some more exploring, so that is what we did. We carried on until the final end of the line at the Faculty derecho. Unfortunately we were sort of cut off at this point. We literally could get nowhere without passing through building sites.

So we came back across the bridge and headed for the Mercedes building. This was new to me, last time we came here it was Ferrari. Same expensive prices different logos, so we passed.

Across the road again we came into the United Nations Plaza, and we got a closer look at Flor this time.


I didn’t get all the details but it was built by Lockheed in 2002. If you look closely at the construction you can sort of see the aircraft hereditary in it. We sat for a while in the shade and read a little. Already it was getting too hot.

At the far end of the plaza we went to the gate but it was locked. Some other people did the same thing and we saw them walking off shaking their heads.  Our birth certificates may add our years up to over 110 years but our minds are still in their teens. So it was eight foot high, we can climb over. We got some good natured abuse from the passing traffic, but we are British  and if we want to go that way, well, we jolly well do.

As we walked further on we passed some big fancy places and many Embassy’s. This was no place for us to stop, we would need a mortgage just to pull up a chair.

Eventually we arrived at MALBA  and fortunately for us the top of the Obelisco is still there. You can walk inside and get an idea of the view from the top as there is a screen where each window would be, showing a running film of both ways on 25 July and Corrientes. Most people were standing outside a bit nervous about going in, they missed a great media event.

Obelisco without the top

Don’t worry it was all a trick, they never took the top off.

We stopped off at Carrefour and bought some lunch and sat eating in the shade, then we went off further down Salguero. I found that it is almost impossible to reach the river, but there is a huge industrial/ shopping park in between. I looked it up later, it is massive. There is football there, golf, go carts and a massive conference centre and events and entertainment. Seems strange that I have heard nothing of it before. google “Costa Salguero” if you are interested.

Back at Carrefour we were looking for a comfort break and it turns out that there is another shopping complex behind and above the supermarket. They do not sign the toilets well here and we had all but given up when somehow we found ourselves in them. It was like some magical doorway. “I wish we had a toilet” then suddenly we were in one. Must have been magic beans in that empanada.

There was no point in heading back to the subte, it was almost as far as home, so we set off up Salguero again, eventually stopping at one of our old watering holes San Martin for a coffee break.

Got back at about four thirty and the temperature was 36 degrees. I have no Idea how hot it was when we were trudging in that sun, but we were drained when we got back. Time for some beer methinks.




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