Just an illusion?

There is something comforting in eggy bread. A reminder of childhood and days when food was scarce. I suppose that is what it was, only two eggs left so Viv did some magic with them. Still it was a nice change for a lunch time snack.

I had spent the morning servicing the air con and we were all out of things that needed doing, so a bit of comfort food was just the ticket.

As I was showering ready to go out the door intercom buzzed. I answered to hear the ropa lady going on and on. I had a bag of clothes but I was not coming down without clothes on. I tried to tell her to come to the front of the building, I could throw the bag from the balcony. She would not shut up long enough to listen. Some people need to remember we were born with two ears and one mouth and we should use them in that order. I left her ranting and went to get dressed.

Was it an illusion? or were the women outnumbered today at Nuevo Chique? Certainly Viv never missed a tanda and I struggled a few times. It is a happy state of affairs though, if Viv is getting dances I don’t get earache. We stayed later than usual which was a bonus. The start was a bit quiet, but it picked up in stages so that there was always someone new to dance with.

We still don’t have the stamina though, three hours was enough. Time for a coffee before catching our colectivo home.

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