Dietetica Cheap food

Viv dragged me out shopping again. I suppose we need all this stuff, but it’s still a bind. It eats all my daily allowance as well, but the dietetica always surprises me. 1Kg of oats 200grams of prunes 200grams of tropical mix and 100 grams of Japanese peanuts (if you don’t know it’s hard to explain) all for $108, less than £6. Well that made me happy.

Off to Salon Canning again as it’s Wednesday.  I think we were early as there was hardly anyone there. Not many women really so I let Viv get some early dances in while I sat out.

Soon the numbers were up and so was the percentage of women. I had some really good dances and found out where New Jersey is. After two and a half hours though it was starting to get difficult. Canning is a big floor and it is hard to see beyond the crowd immediately around you.

I started failing to get dances, then Viv did. We sort of took it in turns to get up. I did not want to start wandering around and Viv did not want to sit out, so it was time to go.

I paid for the drinks and said my goodbyes. As usual I say goodbye to the DJ and Mario tried to sell me one of his CDs. He never gives up.

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