Panqueque Day

It is still ferria so it is still quiet outside. So Viv cannot be roused, another late start. She sent me to the post but that was fruitless, it was just going to be a lazy morning.

Off to Nuevo Chique again and we seemed to have good seats. It was fruitless though for Viv, the women outnumbered the men at least three to one. While I could not fail, she was having a bad time. She went over to Peter and Maggie for a while, but she was not for stopping. We left far earlier than normal and headed off to Constitution.

Pancakes are not the normal thing here, some places do have them as desert, but that is it. Anyway we stopped at a place that had them and had some amusing dialogue with the waiter. We asked for cerveza negra and then pancakes. “Cerveza y Panqueque?” he asked. “Si” said I. I told him that martes de carnival is pancake day in England “panqueque y Cerveza?” he said. Every day is cerveza day in England I told him.

You never quite know what you will get here, Viv got two pancakes,, one wrapped around dulche de leche, the other wrapped around some sort of cream. I got a flat pancake that was set on fire, very spectacular. I got some apple slices as well underneath.

So that was our pancakes, hardly traditional, but then we are not in The UK.


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