Lunes de carnival

It was quiet this morning, unusually so, there was little traffic. So Viv took advantage and stayed in bed.

It gave me a chance to catch up on the painting. The plaster here is soft and seems to get knocks easily and there is a patch that persistently comes away.  So the place is looking pristine again, for another year.

Off to plaza Bohemia again today so we set off to catch the 168 colectivo. As we walked down Corrientes one flew past us. There was no point in running we were on the wrong side and could not have got through the traffic.

We waited 35 minutes for the next bus. I was getting seriously peed off by the time it arrived. I think we had a similar experience last year, Lunes de Carnival means less busses I suppose.

Normally Mondays here are quiet but the numbers were already up. Still we were given good seats, they always look after the regulars. We had a really good time, Viv only missed one tanda despite being surrounded by lovelies. One ninety year old guy would not dance with her because he wanted to dance with the girl with braces, I ask you. Does he really think he stands a chance with a barely pubescent teen?

Meanwhile I was enjoying some lovely dances with ladies who have a bit more experience and learning how this blog is becoming an educational tool. It is an old story, you never explore your own city as much as a foreigner.

I found out the name of the lunatic dancer who always makes my day. His name is Roger, apparently he thinks Bob is a funny name.

The old 151 is as reliable as ever and the chino across the road has fresh bread. So it is back for some black beer and lentejas.

We can still hear the noise from the Murgas, but this year everything is happening higher up Corrientes. Suits me, I enjoyed it last year, but it is not what we come here for. We may well give all the noise and the spray foam a miss this time.


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