End of the line

Time for some exploration. The subte H line has been extended and I wanted to see where it went. We caught it at Corrientes off the B line and passed through Cordoba and expected to stop at Santa fe, but the train just ran on until the end at Las Heras.

I was a bit puzzled but we were here now so it was time to get out and explore. In front of us was a huge building that looked like Church that the top had been lopped off.RIMG0014

Turns out it is the faculty of engineering University of Buenos Aires. It looks like they are spending a considerable amount on restoring it.

We took a left turn because Viv saw what she thought were more interesting buildings. When we got close I realised we were at the back of Recoleta cemetery. So we followed the wall around to the front. We have seen all this before and were not in the market for guided tours so we wandered on. We found ourselves in Recoleta cultural centre. Being me I wandered off into the parts where visitors are not supposed to go. With it being Sunday nobody was working in this area so there was nothing to see. Apart from what looked like a church from a Disney set, it looked false to me. What do you think?RIMG0017

Prices here are aimed at the rich tourists, not penniless tango dancers, so we looped around the back again and looked for somewhere to have a coffee. Inside the television was on with the Wales Ireland Rugby on. So we just had to sit there until the end. Wales did well to pull back and rescue a draw. I am no expert on Rugby, but I think that they looked weak, I hope they pull themselves up soon.

So we wandered off again and found some imposing steps, well we had to go up them.RIMG0018

We found ourselves outside the British Embassy. It looks a bit modern and utilitarian compared to other buildings here, but I suppose we do not have the most popular government here.

Anyway we now have a quick route to Recoleta and it was time to head back. Again when we left Las Heras station we looked for Santa fe. This time we noticed that it was all boarded up. So we have no link yet to the D line, glad I did not try for that first. I will have to watch the news for when it is open. At least we found the end of the line, The end of the line is the cemetery.

One hell of a storm has hit us, thunder and lightning, and the cars driving past like motor boats, lets hope it eases up.

It did ease up enough for us to go to Fulgor again. Glad we did it was a great night, with some new faces and a lot of kissing again.

By the time I got home I was rather hot, a rain coat does not exactly keep you cool and the humidity was a killer.


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  1. Thank you for the photos & another interesting post!

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