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Feeling good

Viv sent me out for some shopping again. I popped into the chino on Salguero and it was packed. I can’t cope with this so I went on to the Almacen. That was packed too so I took a ticket for the cooked meat and cheese 29 and they were calling 11. So I went over to the butchers and got served quite quickly. Two nice steaks for tonight beefe de chorizo, Mmm.

I waited an agonizing time at the counter, then 28 was called and she wanted 250 grams of crudo. Then 29 was called, of course there was no crudo on the counter, time for me to use that Spanish “100 grams de crudo” I said. She shuffled the meat, tried something different and looked at me hopefully “Esta hombre tiene” I said. She looked puzzled for a minute and then understood.

Then down to the chino on Guardia for some milk. The girl at the counter asked how I was and then if we had electricity. So I told her our corner rarely has problems, and we talked bout the rest of the block being off last night. It sounds like a moronic conversation, but it is a quantum leap for me. Three conversations this morning and I did not trip up. I am in no doubt that I am far from fluent, but today, at least, I feel good.

Another Arranque day and the dancing was good. One lady I have been trying to dance with looked at me in a Tanda that I had no desire to dance. I thought I had missed my chance, but my very last tanda I managed to get her up.

It looked nasty the big guy pushed the offending chair off the floor, another big guy on the next table was pushed back. He got up aggressively, I knew where this was ending. They all started laughing. I have been poked in the ribs, blind sided and kicked, but with this guy it is always in fun. He dances like no one is watching and often starts chanting when the Cumbia is on. I don’t even know his name yet he lifts my spirits and I am always happy to see him. Funny how some people just make the world a better place, just by being there.

Enough amateur philosophy, I am off home for that beefe de chorizo.


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