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Chifla, Rice mountain

As I said, Friday’s are supposed to be rest days, some chance.

It all started with a poster, advertising Julio Iglesias, “You could take me for my birthday” Viv said.

When we checked, unless you had a Santander bank account you could not book for weeks. More trawling through the internet and we found that Lionel Richie was on here as well. Somewhere called GEBA.  Your mission today, should you choose to accept it is, find GEBA.

Well we had an address Marelino Freyre 3831. Not on the tango map and not on Mapa Buenos Aires. That was a good start, I found it on Google map, but relating that to the tango map was difficult to say the least. Those who know will tell you that the fit the map to the paper here. What that actually means is, it is not North up, in fact it is almost completely the other way, but not enough to just turn the map upside down. Anyway I think I had it, now for walkies.

Las Canitas is not easy to get to. Buenos Aires is very centric, All the subways bar two run into the centre. Those that do not run across the others at right angles, either almost in town or halfway out. The D line, the most northern runs at least seven blocks and a large park to far south of our destination. So a long journey on three trains would take us less than half way to our destination.

OK it is only two and a half miles each way, we are pilgrims of Santiago, we walk.

It took us only twenty minutes to cross Santa fe (Where the D line runs) then we are off into unknown territory. Viv saw a bread shop but there was no point stopping now.  We carried on until Libertador then we followed. I know parts of this, the German garden, the Japanese garden and the French. Then we cut through the Rose Dahl. remembering how last time a dog adopted us and we got into trouble for having a dog in there “No es mio” I had said and watched as the wardens ran around trying to catch him.

We left the Rose Dahl and all the beautiful Flowers and followed Figueroa Alcorta. This was where we hit problems, we passed under three railway lines. According to the map we should have turned after the second. It was time to loop back, as we turned we passed a skate park, where someone asked the time. “medio dia” I said to a blank face “Doce” I said, he seemed happier with that.

We kept looping back and eventually got between the railway lines and there was GEBA. behind a big iron fence. There were two work men there leaning on the fence, but no sign of a box office. We could see the swimming pool but the sign said cerrado, everything was locked up. Some how I knew that this was going to be a wild goose chase. So we headed back.

We stopped for a coffee on libertador. You can tell by the buildings here that it is going to be expensive. It was about Chester prices, so I cannot complain too much, but living like this for three months you have to watch your pennies.

We found our way back to Salguero, only 25 blocks then to home. There was a beautiful bread shop that Viv liked the look of, expensive area and they called it Pain. You got it three times the price of our locals, time to beat a hasty retreat.

Further up Salguero and close to Santa fe we found a place called Hausbrot, Dutch food, now we’re talking. Now Dutch apple pie, is assumed to mean a type of tart with a lattice topping. It is not, it is all about the spices. I had a piece of their apple pie, done in the Argentine way, flat slab cut into squares. Argentine shape, maybe, but it was pure Dutch. I wish that they had more, I would have taken some home.

We were hot and tired, we found a fountain outside some posh shops, no shame, I stuck my head in it. Even Viv had a splash about, it was so refreshing. No need to worry about drying in this heat. We had to pass Ken, the ice cream man on the way back. Well it was too much temptation. We had probably walked more than five miles in this heat, ice cream was well deserved.

Friday is our eat out night as well. So we trotted off towards Abasto in search of food. We found a place on Tucaman and Sanches Bustamente, We sat ourselves outside and pondered the menue. There was nothing but sandwiches, this would not do, so we skulked off whilst no one was looking.

There is another Peruvian that we were supposed to meet Pericles at last year called Mamani. We had ended up somewhere else because I got confused. Tonight I thought I would give it a try. It was a big open place full of kids but the food was good. We watched endless people with plate piled high, leaving perfectly good salad and chips, because there was just too much. I could never work in catering, the food waste would kill me.

We went for a plate full off fried rice dish called Chifla, to share. What arrived was a mountain on a plate so much that we had to leave some. They did serve Quilmes Negra though, pure Ambrosia that helped wash some of the rice down.


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