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It’s not in the eyes, it’s the shoes

I am not used to this living in a block. The people from the penthouse own the big garage and they have been knocking it about since we arrived. It has been getting on my nerves a bit. Then this morning they started knocking about the garage on the other side. Nine o’clock in the morning, is there no peace?

Viv’s red shoes have had quite a battering, so I bought some red polish and have been giving them a birthday. While sitting there polishing I thought, may as well polish my dance shoes as well.

Off to Nuevo Chique again today. Pauline and Geoff were there along with some new faces. Viv was enjoying some good dances and barely missed a tanda. Meanwhile I made a cabeceo to Pauline and three ladies got up. The lady from Columbia was out front and it was hard to ignore her, so Pauline had to sit down again. Next tanda I tried again and another lady got up. I had to apologise to her, I could not do that twice to Pauline. It got me thinking, usually I have trouble catching someone’s eye. Maybe I have been doing it all wrong, I should always polish my shoes. It’s not in the eyes, it’s the shoes that do it.

I’m getting a lot more information about Columbia now. Apparently they speak nice Castellano there, makes them popular for call centres. The cattle farming has now given way to arable, mainly palm oil. I am no expert in global politics but Columbia sounds like a disaster; drug barons, slash and burn deforestation, poison from the ore extraction and the only arable crop is palm oil. Their only hope is the call centres and this was from a woman trying to show the good side.

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