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Thumbs up to the Coreo Girl

It’s that time of the month again, I have to pay the Rentas, so I am off out to The Pagofacil.

Before we went though I got a call from Maggie asking if we were going to Canning today. I had mixed feelings about the call, always glad to hear from friends, but she asked why we were not at Ideal. Apparently there was no entrada on Monday.  Makes me wonder what it is about our bearing that makes people want to rip us off. Actually it only happens at Ideal, but they never publish the entradas, it leaves it open to all sorts of scams. And it did not exactly lighten my mood.

Back to the Pagofacil, we have been told it is easier than the Coreo, but today there was a big queue and no one was attending to it. So we crossed the road, I took a number at the Coreo and there was only one in front of us. I was out in two minutes. Unusually the girl was really cheerful. Viv said after an hour in that place anyone would be miserable. So thumbs up to the Coreo girl.

Salon Canning was quiet when we arrived. Very few women, that suited Viv. By the time Maggie and Peter arrived the women were starting to outnumber the men again. It never got really bad though. I think Viv is starting to enjoy Canning now. Maybe at last we have a regular Wednesday haunt.

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