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Shopping trip

Viv dragged me out shopping again. I don’t mind when she sends me out, but being dragged around feels off somehow.

First stop was the Post office, then back to the Almecen on Corrientes. They did not seem to have anything we wanted, so it was down to the verderia for some spuds and apples, oh and bananas. Then down to the chinos. Pretty much everything we need is here, but we were looking for some bulk items.

We took our stuff up to the apartment and set out again for the deli. I know that the chino is cheaper than the big supermarkets, but I was shocked to find that the rice and oats are a quarter of the price. Bulk buying it is then now. The trouble is we needed arboreal rice and that we could only get at the chinos. Still we now have some bulk and saved some money.

Our Tuesday trip to Nuevo Chique is next. Some faces missing today, but Pauline and Geoff were there. Despite this Viv only missed one tanda. I was lazy and missed a couple, but only because I wanted to rest. I had a nice dance with a Columbian lady. Apparently they export more than drugs, emeralds and gold. Good stuff but they are in just the right place to get drugs to the USA.

We stopped for coffee on congreso again, this is getting to be a habit. Then home to the risotto that we got the rice for. I suppose that Vivs risotto is worth the shopping trip.


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