Killing the Golden goose

We were quite looking forward to today. Free milonga at Ideal and celebrate Graciela’s birthday.

I should have know better, Ideal must have the worst management of any milonga anywhere. Last week it was free Monday Tuesday and Wednesday. We had no reason to expect different today.

We walked in and the place looked nearly empty, I soon found out why. The organiser stopped us and said we must pay the entrada “quantos?” I asked “$200” he said. “Es una broma” (It’s a joke) I said. “No 200 pesos” he said as if being pesos made any difference. “es una broma” I said again and walked out.

It is a shame that an old established place like this is run by idiots. Shame that it may close, but I am afraid it will happen and it is also a shame that I really no longer care. Just like many at home they are quite happy to kill the golden goose, not happy with a continuous good profit they ramp it up until the punters can no longer afford the price.

We hopped on the subte and headed for Plaza Bohemia again.

Plaza Bohemia was all but deserted, we were early, but we both managed a few dances before the crowds arrived. I say crowds but it never got really busy.

We did OK for dances but it lacked atmosphere tonight, and some how the night had lost its sparkle.  So it is off home for lentejas and ice cream from Ken. That should lift us some.


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