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Stupidity tax

We decided to do our annual visit to San Telmo today. On the subte we heard rich Americans and young English with public school accents. They were all heading off to San Telmo. Some got off too early, some milled around at the subte exit. No seemed to have a map, and non thought to ask the two English who seemed to know where they were. So we did not volunteer. We saw the public school English with their I phone on public display, obviously in GPS mode. I wonder if they still have it.

We walked to Plaza Dorrego, passed all the painters and were drawn to the tango music. The show had just ended as we arrived so we waited and soon there was second show. We were promised milonga and the guy got everyone clapping a milonga beat. It did not quite work as all the tourists had little idea, but it was a good start.

The girl was heavily pregnant and the danced apart, we thought at first her bump was the problem but they soon moved into close hold. I can Viv had danced with him there. It seems unlikely he will be back, but you never know.

We decided to stop for a coffee and I made an error. Viv wanted media lunas so we asked. The waiter just mumbled. He came back with the coffee and said “Media lunas no tengo” .he said we could have a sandwich though. Never order without some idea of the price, that has always been my motto. It should be listen to your own advice.

We asked for the bill, it came to $248 that is about one bottle of beer less than we paid for a king sized meal last night. OK I was caught with the stupidity tax again, so perhaps I was not the person to be giving advice.

Fulgor again tonight. The old crowd are back and there are muchos besitos. The big guy still won’t kiss me, he said I was too ugly, fair enough then.

Viv was up for the tropical, I guess all the cervesa negra is finally working. I pulled some merengue moves that did not quite work. Viv was pulling down and I was pulling up, Marianna seemed to love it though. She was in stiches, well we made someone’s night, at least.

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