Cheating the subte.

How much is the tube in London? Last time I used it, it cost me £3.60 each I think. Well you can travel the subte here all day, if you so wish, for $5. hat is 25pence as near as dam it.

We were on the platform waiting for the next train when we saw the beggar that always sits outside Medrano sneak through the gate. I could understand this, what I cannot understand is the girl with the I phone who tried to follow him. When she failed she just used the exit gate. I hear a lot of crap about things being expensive here, but if you can afford an I phone, you sure as hell can afford 25p for the underground.

We were off to El Arranque again as it is Saturday, and after a long wait at the subte and my annoyance at the people who dodge fares, we finally arrived. It started quiet as always, but soon it became bedlam, just too many people on the dance floor. I thought that the locals were supposed to be avoiding it as it has no air con. Just shows, you can’t believe what they tell you.

Jesus was here, first time we have seen him this trip. I saw him looking towards Viv just before the cumbia came on. I said to Viv “keep your eye on him he wants to dance” sure enough the next tanda he had her up. Viv was not happy as I had danced Orquesta Typica Victor milonga with someone else. I think this more than made up for it. She had a huge smile on her face.

We went to Petro again for some food. The guy came and talked straight to Viv, so we got Medio Pollo again. I had wanted to try something else, but I got what I was given. Still I had a fair amount of beer with it.


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