History cannot be erased or sold.

RIMG0001 Has Bob gone nuts? Why is he posting pictures of hypermarkets? Some who know the history may already know the answer. Stick with me and all will become clear.

The Popes favourite football team is San Lorenzo de Almagro. For some reason I have yet to figure they were not popular with the military Junta in the seventies. So they sold the land on which the club stood to Carrefour. The club had to move out to Flores far away from its home base. Now after years of wrangling Carrefour have agreed to sell the land back.

So you see, I have taken a photo of a building that has been condemned.

RIMG0002 RIMG0003 RIMG0004

There is still a club shop and Gymnasium here  though.


RIMG0005 (2)

Hopefully soon it will again look like this Great painting which is close by. As it says “history cannot be erased, or sold, it can be felt”

Many will know that I am not a great football fan, but something in this story has touched me. May be it has something to do with its proximity to me, maybe its sudden resurgence with the Popes blessing, or maybe it is just another injustice done by the Junta which is about to be righted.

On a side note, we saw a guy carried out of the Gym to an Ambulance, and we were only there twenty minutes. Bloody Gym is no good to anyone, I say.

On our meanderings we stopped at Boedo Y San Juan, another famous tango song. Boedo Y San Juan

There was a  beautiful bar there, obviously equipped for full tango shows in the evening. Miguel Calo was playing with the dulcet tones of Raul Beron. Raul Beron sings

We went inside and ordered coffee. Obviously they did not want us to spend too long there with just café con leche. The music changed to some modern bass singer who droned his way through old classics, making them hard to listen to and, had we the space and inclination, impossible to dance.  Shame we were enjoying the ambiance.

Still it was a good day of wanderings, we found little new, but got totally immersed in tango culture, and a sense of a traumatic history.



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2 responses to “History cannot be erased or sold.

  1. tangobob

    I try but it depends on the subject matter. Fridays are our days for meandering, so possibly the best days for pictures.

  2. Felicity

    Great to see these accompanying pics. I was going to ask the other day if there was any chance of more pics as previously.

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